Massacre Clan is coming back!
Our Clan ID: #8Y8YCPQ

We are Offering Guaranteed Clan War League slots on our roster!
No getting subbed in and out!

Check below in Clan War League Section
Introduction to Massacre:

Massacre is a 5 year old clan, we have gone through many phases and leaders in our time. Recently the old crowd took a break a year ago. A group of us have come back and we are looking to get Massacre back running and set the clan up for Clan War Leagues. We have a solid core of long term players and loyal long term Massacre for life members. Currently the 2 co-leaders are actually individuals who had their own era of leading over multiple years.

Clan War League Information:

The leaders of Massacre understand the frustration a lot of players are having currently with Clan War Leagues. The 15 player setup of Clan War Leagues leaves a lot of clans subbing in and out or only allowing Town Hall 12s into CWL. We have a solution. Clan War League Roster.

Simply put we have a 15 person roster for CWL. These people are expected to be available for CWL (not have heroes down during CWL) and must be full time active members of the clan. For this you get a permanent slot in CWL, subbed out ONLY if you need to be because you are busy.

I say that again: You WILL NOT be subbed out.

The roster will not change and slots will only open if someone leaves the roster. The only reason people will leave is voluntarily or if you fail to make attacks. Other than that we will grow as a team. If you are loyal to the Clan we are loyal to you.

We currently have 5 Slots available on the CWL Roster

Clan War League Roster Requirements:

To be considered for CWL Roster you must be TH10+ non-rushed.
You must be active
You must make all your war attacks

Massacre Leadership
Leader: Thrilla
Co-Leaders: Akadios, Kaito