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Thread: Upgrade to TH9

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    Upgrade to TH9

    I am currently at th8 with just a tesla upgrade remaining until all of my defences get maxed out. I have to upgrade all my dark elixir troops and spells except Valkyrie and my BK is on an upgrade to level 9 while the maximum allowed is level 10. I am currently upgrading my walls to level 7 with the maximum level of walls allowed is 8(I ignored them at th7) and I will able to complete it till my remaining tesla upgrade. All of my collectors, storages and buildings other than the tesla are maxed out.All my troops and spells other than the DE ones are also at the maximum level allowed. So shall I upgarde my walls from level 7 to level 8 and all my dark elixir troops before moving to th9 or shall I move with level 7 walls only ?

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    Don't upgrade to th 9 until u have upgraded ur walls to lvl 8 remember always upgrade ur walls to slow down ur enemy..and max ur de troops and ur teslas then upgrade to th 9.. if u move to th 9 with lvl 7 walls ur base will not look good or high level clan's will not take u because of ur rushed it is better to upgrade walls to lvl 8 then upgrade to th 9.

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    If this question was asked prior to the whole wall price nerf of lvl 5-11, I would say RUSH RUSH RUSH but now the walls are extremely cheap compared to then so I say why not max out the walls? The benefits of the lvl 8 walls are very good for a new th9 or you can start the upgrade for the townhall right now and farm up as many walls as possible. That's what I would do.

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    It all depends on whether you mind builders sitting idle. If you do, then go straight to th9.Keep 1 builder free just for doing walls while you are upgrading camps,lab etc.

    But if you don't, then:
    Use elixir-heavy armies like mass drag, giwipe for farming gold and de.
    Get all the walls to level 8,while working on de troops and spells.

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    Dude go. Upgrade the King to 10 while the TH is upgrading and collect a minimum of 40K DE to plant the Archer Queen the minute TH9 goes live. Cacthup some walls with gold at TH9 while you knock out the elixir upgrades at TH9.

    Army camps, spell factories, drill upgrades, barrack and dark barrack upgrades.
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    I would say wrap up 8... the potential for idle builders is worse at nine (what with 2 levels of walls, 50 levels of king and queen combined). Lab is relatively fast at 9 as well... so your problem will just get worse. I maxed 9 however that may be the level to consider a rush since the lab at 10 takes quite a while. Save the rush until 9 if you feel the rush is needed.

    I'm a pretty big wall fan... even one level really does make a difference. Completing those walls at 8 will serve you well.

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    My opinion is to max out walls. I maxed them out before I upgraded to TH9. I didn't need to focus on walls that much on TH9 since I already got skullies and some new walls from TH9. If you are having a hard time maxing the walls then get at least 50% skulls. An update made the walls so cheap. I doubt they will be hard to farm for. Last is max out war army if you love to war. If not, then go to TH9.

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