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    Personal Train not working properly

    Hi, not sure if this has been covered anywhere else, but any thoughts or suggestions welcomed. Since the last update I have noticed problems with my personal train in that when I go to visit a another neighbourhood town, no one shows up as having any Townies to send away. Or sometimes they do for a brief (seconds) moment and then vanish.

    This means that doing a specific Derby task, ie send away The Dancer 9 times is nigh on impossible as I cannot pick up anyone else's Townies - or very, very infrequently. I have cleared my cache and data, reinstalled my farm and tried most of the tips I know.

    Discussed it with my neighbourhood and it seems I am not alone - two other players are also experiencing difficulties with collecting other Townies using their trains.

    Anyone got any ideas?

    Many thanks, Caz

    Duh, just read posts below mine and it seems that this is a well known problem, sorry folks!
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    I have the same problem. The train says my neighbors have no Town people to send, but I can go to them individually through the Town building andsee they have Town people waiting to be picked up and select them that way. It is just very inefficient.

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    As the OP realised after posting, this is a known issue.

    Nick, the Community Manager, posted about it here:

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