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Thread: Clouding after 4700

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    Clouding after 4700

    Clouding after 4700 trophies is been such a great pain in butt ... Need to wait for hours to get a base and .. That's not just the thing. What we see after one hour search is 5 trophies against champion league opponent..
    That makes me sick cause i can gather 30-40 trophies in whole day & loose 30 in one defence...
    Thats such a terrible thing... Well we overcome anything bt the clouds... They really need to be taken as priority problem by supercell

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    And as has been mentioned many times it's not an easy fix and is something that Supercell is looking into but won't have any progress on until sometime next year.

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    I dont think they even have any ideas to overcome that...

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    just packed in the clouds somewhere
    Drop trophies for now... Stay in the lower leagues then clouds wont be a problem

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