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Thread: Clash-A-Rama Discussions

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    Clash-A-Rama Discussions

    From Cloud patches to grass twigs..
    Can u guess or rather predict how "Clash-A-Rama" would be written in the next video and with what items like bones, stones or who knows what?
    Of late, these videos have gotten to becoming longer and longer and everytime connecting more with the Clash World and its two division- the Royale Arena and the Home Village.
    I hope they come up with more interesting topics and mysteries of the clash world with that drama sense and Maybe more interesting insight into the upcoming Troops/Spells/Heroes or any Sneak Peek...Lol

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    I remember an episode about new troop, matchmaking, cross-over and others and turns out it is not about the actual thing thar we need. They've also said that episodes are written in advance so if SC team collaborates with the one that produces Clash-a-Rama episodes.......

    Here it is:

    Don't know how to put link properly sorry😂
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    They do make some silly mistakes sometimes like a th7 having grand warden, a base having two clan castles, etc.
    But there are a lot of troop ideas you get if watch the show. In one episode a village tried to send a pekka using a balloon to another village(pekka drop, anyone? )

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