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Thread: Smartphone crashes while playing

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    Smartphone crashes while playing

    on one of our smartphones( a samsung J3), we have the problem that the telephone crashes completely while going to other towwns, or the fishing area. we already emptied several times the Cache and reinstalled the game completely. for a short period it works but after some time again the game stops and the phone starts from itself new.

    problem is there since wednesday. there was an update from samsung, but we are not sure if is relied to it because an other Smartphone (sam a5)has no problemes after the update.

    maybe you have an idea😉

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    I have the same problem on my phone and tablet (samsung s8 and samsung tab 10.1).
    Also the phone and tablet crashes when opening the newspaper with the offers.

    I have done the same things as the message above.

    When i'm not going to the newspaper or other towns or fishing area, the game keeps playing. Otherwise the game crashes.

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