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Thread: MAX TH10 40/40 looking for new clan

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    Sep 2018
    In a lvl 10 clan

    Please check out Cloud Avengers created in April 2018 using experienced game players which are based around the world and players are always on!

    ��Cloud Avengers TH12 wanted
    45k trophies, Level 10 clan
    Heroes L50+, GW L20+

    �� Clan Games always completed
    �� Farm anywhere or Push, it’s all supported
    �� Wars 24/7 (optional). CWL Champion League.
    �� Be active and have fun and be chatty
    �� Clan rules: Thank by name, donate requested

    Be great to have you on board.


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    Sep 2018
    In a lvl 10 clan

    we would love love to offer you a spot at Cloud Avengers, only TH11-12 level 10clan.

    we are all grown ups, based around the globe and active.

    Strong TH11s to fully maxed TH11s and new TH12s in the clan, plenty of experience in the clan.

    dont require 3rd party app to be part of the team.

    Fair play clan.

    We farm anywhere you want, push occasionally and support individual pushes.

    war is optional but we always war

    come and check us out

    If the clan is closed, please send me a PM.

    Requesting to join sometimes best to say sohan9241 - Forum



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    Please check our clan called WAITOKARIRO #22PJ2VYVG (based in Europe but we have people from Aus too).

    We war back to back to level the clan up quickly and we are growing fast.

    Do not hesitate to ask me any question.

    Have a nice day!!

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    We aren't based in Australia, but check us out if you aren't able to find a clan like that.

    We're a family of 3 clans, maybe one of them would be a good fit. Our main clan is a level 15 war clan, established in March 2015, and still going strong.

    Contact us on Discord (

    Hope to see you soon.

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    United Kingdom
    I’ve added you

    Prism is a LEVEL 12 clan and Master League 1 CWL (we smashed it). International, however mostly USA/UK, mixed gender and most importantly ADULT ONLY. We are usually maxed out with players, so I’m regularly cleaning out inactive accounts and recruiting only the best players so the clan stays alive.

    DKA “Red Squad” is our LEVEL 6 feeder clan, for mini accounts, rushed accounts and beginners, we max clan games here and we offer CWL for anyone who doesn’t make our top 18 cut in Prism. We rotate the bonus’s so the top 9 players from each clan will receive rewards one month and the bottom half the following.

    We are a competitive group and winning is important, but we enjoy the game rather than take it too seriously. We chat a lot and to war we’ve made joining our KIK group mandatory, discord is optional. Donations are never left hanging and we always friendly challenge for practise, after all there’s always room for improvement.

    We ALWAYS achieve MAX tier on clan games usually within 48 hours, we’d require you to do your best to help towards this.

    We war constantly but you can opt in/out as and when you can/cannot war. No war pressure, no angry messages over bad attacks (after all it is just a game) - just follow the war plan and use both attacks accordingly.

    Rules? We are looking for English speaking, loyal and fairly active players who donate troops, pull their weight in clan games (if they want to receive the rewards) and follow war directions.

    If we sound like the right clan for you, just mention ‘Lea in forums’ upon joining, or add me as a friend and I will invite you if you fit the criteria.

    My tag #2RQ9VUPV2
    Prism #8YC8PP88
    Red squad #GOP9JPYG

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    Social adult war clan seeking active TH9+ players

    Seven Kingdoms is inviting TH9-12 to our war/CWL/CG/farm/social clan.

    About us:
    We are an organized, friendly, social adult clan with both women and men. We make a serious effort to win wars in a not overly stressed atmosphere. Living mostly in North America (Canada & US) with some UK as well we are an English speaking only clan. An experienced core membership welcomes new members.

    Key Points:

    • Adults 18+, women & men, drama not welcome
    • Offer Wars 3x/wk, expect reliable 2 attacks/war, at least weekly participation, okay to opt out short term for hero upgrades and such, max donations only, war plan by clanmail
    • We max clan games and expect members to earn high points or not participate at all – no freeloading
    • We complete in clan war leagues
    • Typically offer any level giants or loons for farming, specific requests no problem but may take longer, we expect balance between requests and donations
    • Friendly challenges offered for practice and learning

    Minimum requirements*:

    • English speaking
    • Age 18+
    • 1000+ Trophies
    • No engineered or rushed bases! We expect to see the following:
      • For TH12s - should have BK45/AQ45/GW15 or better
      • For TH11s - should have BK35/AQ35 or better
      • For TH10s - should have BK25/AQ25 or better
      • For TH9s - should have BK15/AQ15 or better

    Ideal candidate:

    • Friendly/respectful/helpful chat almost daily
    • MidTH10+ with better than minimum hero requirements
    • Participate in at least 1 war/week and be reliable
    • Donate about the same as you receive
    • Max points in clan games
    • Prefer America’s or UK time zone

    Leader: Larry – Canadian - TH11 – 600+ war stars
    Co-s: Brofessor - American - TH10 - 500+ war stars
    Falcon -Amercian - TH12 - 1000+ war stars
    Friendly Fire – Canadian – TH10 – 600+ war stars
    Gabe - American - TH11 - 900+ war stars
    Heis_B - American - TH9 - 300+ war stars
    Ron - Canadian - TH12 - 900+ war stars
    Thomas – American – TH11 – 300+ war stars

    Apply now*!

    • Stop by Seven Kingdoms #YRVP2P92 and mention "Ron/Gabe – Found you on Supercell Forum. I’m a good fit" in request to join
    • Please be patient with your request to join - we're sometimes away from the game.
    • See you there !!! -Ron
    • * Don't meet these requirements, check out our other clans below.

    Our family of clans:

    • Brutal Warriors - Lvl 11 farming clan, 45+ mostly adults, 1000 minimum trophies, accepts rushed players.
    • Chicken Pickle - Lvl 8 warring clan, 45+ mostly adults, focused on TH4-10.
    • God$ of War - Lvl 13 warring clan, 45+ mostly adults, focused on TH7-10.
    • Seven Kingdoms - Lvl 11 warring clan, 45+ adults, focused on TH9-12.

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    We War with 10+ TH12s every war!!!

    EVERYONE PARTICIPATES IN CWL - We have multiple clans!!!!

    We have HIGH LVL HEROES and WAR STARS and so should you!

    We war 24/7 and have completed EVERY clan games to 100% completion.

    Adults only (21+), USA based

    LVL 17 Cato Comeback (#92RU90VL)

    Hi, I am Cato, the Leader of Cato Comeback. We are a WAR FOCUSED clan who only wants 24/7 WARRIORS.

    I am a Th12 with 2370 war stars! My coleaders are skilled, mature players with war stars ranging between 1000-2000+. We all have very strong heroes and walls. With over 400 war wins, we are three star specialists! If this sounds like you, come check us out!

    The TWO MAIN focuses of our clan are WAR and CLAN GAMES. Participation in both of these is required. This means that clannies in Cato Comeback must maintain a higher than average level of activity. We are all expected to pull our weight, and I will kick ANY clannie who brings the team down.

    We have very few rules and our #1 priority is having fun, followed closely by #2 WIN WARS!

    We war 24/7 and have completed EVERY clan games to 100% completion.

    SAY, “CATO SENT ME” and be ready to provide your age and country

    Thank you!

    JOIN US! CATO COMEBACK 24/7 WAR CLAN (LVL 16 - 410==30 Wins) #92RU90VL
    Cato - TH12 K60/Q60/W30 (Leader, Cato Comeback, OneHive Family) 2600 War Stars
    Killer Cato - TH11 K40/Q40 (Coleader, Cato Comeback) 2000 War Stars
    Cato the Elder - TH9 K30/Q30 (Coleader, Cato Comeback) 1800 War Stars

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