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    Earlier Holiday Stuff?

    I like many others out there Iím sure, would like earlier arrival of holiday stuff. I was wanting to decorate for Halloween weeks before the items came out. Would like Christmas stuff to be out by thanksgiving so that we can enjoy decorating. Also more oppurtunities for holiday items to earn would be awesome, events, derbyís, etc. Just my thoughts. Thanks. 😊

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    I think a lot of farmers appreciate having holiday decor available early. Especially if we see something we want that we need to save up vouchers or budget coins for. Iím really hoping for snow-covered trees (with or without lights) to buy. Iím also hoping that Maggie offers special seasonal designs.

    The actual holiday events and themes are fine arriving closer to the holiday itself and lasting a shorter time.
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    I personally would like to see seasonal decorations sooner. Halloween always seems too short - I don't bother putting much on my farm Halloween related because it is so quick to come and go - but do try to keep a fall theme going.

    My favorite is the winter update.
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    Absolutely-,earlier is better!! The advantage of 6 years of playing is lots of decos in storage. Still, I would love the update to come earlier than it traditionally has been!!

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    The Winter theme launches with the seasonal decorations (tied together), then we update the shop with Holiday decos and then same for New Years.

    We don't want to enable the themes too early though.


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    I would love to know if previous holiday decorations; gingerbread house, holiday light posts, candy cane swing, potted Christmas trees will be available again this year? I missed these last year and would love to add them. I see several older decos brought back each year so I sincerely hope to see these return.

    I enjoy holiday decorations especially Christmas, my carousel is a permanent fixture. I’ve already began decorating as the SC season is too short for me!

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