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    Login Problem

    I have my game on an Ipad mini but my company just gave me an Ipad pro. I have been trying to get my game on my new Ipad but when I login it starts a new game back at level 1. How do I get my old game on my new Ipad?

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    if it is an device for business than dont play on it.
    if this device is now yours forever than simply login with your gamecenter id. play through whole tutorial and close clash of clans. than start it againand a notification with your village should came up.

    other way would be to save your village with supercell id and using this id for supercell id login on any supported device.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wotanwaton
    if it is an device for business than dont play on it
    Well, there isn't any problem (if the office authorities allow) with playing on a business device. The OP can just click on that little "X" beside the login page to permanently remove access to the account.


    1) Open "Game Center".
    2) Login with the email that's linked to your previous Clash of Clans account
    3) Open Clash of Clans
    4) Load your village!

    There'll be a message with the text, 'Chief _______'s Town Hall level ______ has been forund!"

    If your account wasn't linked, you'll have to...

    1) Get hold of the previous device and link it to Supercell ID
    2) Contact support for the one-time account recovery option.

    You can reach out to Supercell through the in-game support or via Supercell's email support.

    Good luck,

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