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    No big fish

    Hay day is always telling us about these great big new fish in the fishing hole. They are never different and they are all under 5 pounds. Makes it very hard and time consuming when you have to catch 110 pounds of fish for a task, and I have 15 fishing holes

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    I’ve caught a 3.111 Huchen (that’s a big Huchen), a 4.168 Redhorse and a5.681 Sockeye. Good fish if you ask me.

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    When it's not a global fishing event, you don't get the monster fish that weighs over 10 lbs. When not in the event, if you know what to do, you can catch close to 4 lb. Now that we have the silver reward for fishing I caught a 3.219 lb huchen (red lure) and 5.044 lb sockeye salmon (red lure). Both got me 5 diamonds each.

    When HD says "new" fish...that was misleading. They only meant "new" to those who weren't able to catch previously. There are no "new" fish added to the fish book. Having the 3 extra fishing holes means you have 3 extra tries to get fish you weren't able to catch previously. However, those holes are so new that there is not much information gathered yet about which fish and which lure is best to use there.

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