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Thread: Town help limitations?

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    Town help limitations?

    I wonder if anyone can clarify what limitations there are on requesting and supplying help in someone’s town?
    From memory I believe requesting town help was limited (to 3x per day???), but is supplying the help also limited?
    We are seeing people request 3 lots of help in town but when we go to help it’s appears we can only fill one help request each.
    So is this correct or do we have another bug?
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    Maybe a bug? As i have been able to fill at least 2 lots on several townie farms the last few days.

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    I was just helping in someone’s town and was able to do two helps but not a third. I had helped one truck order at their farm before helping in town. Would that make a difference?

    Sidenote: if you are unable to fill a truck order for someone, make sure their truck is parked. You can’t fill the order unless the truck is there.

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    Hi Steve,

    yes it seems to be a bug, or maybe someone already filed the request?

    Today i filled several help requests in town.

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    You can request 3 times per day plus once for hoodmates. Maybe you are seeing the hood only requests?
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    It's buggy.

    From my experience, you need to see the help sign parked in the yard of the building you are trying to service in town for it to work. If you don't see the help sign in the front yard, but there is still a help needed inside the town building, it does not matter how many times you fill it, it won't register (however, you will still lose the items you've donated - so don't keep trying....)
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    Not sure this is related to OP but there seems to be a shortage of help tasks in the Derby lately...ever since they expanded/extended the scope of helps to towns and trucks.

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