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Thread: Personal train townies purple named yielding only land tools as well

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    Personal train townies purple named yielding only land tools as well

    Why is it whenever there is a special town event with land tools, during which only 2 and 3 building townie are supposed to have purple names, the personal train townies are also purple and rain useless land tools on my farm ?

    When they do barn tools events from townies, itís just the big train visitors. When they did vouchers, it was just big train visitors. But three times in a row now, the land tool day is just land tools, all day, every visitor, any kind of train, all day.

    Cant we fix this glitch ? Iím all for farmers who need land tools, but I donít need them at all and even an axe or saw is better. Thanks
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    Happened to me too at last lem events

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    This is still happening after the event has finished.
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    I see this too, and find it very frustrating. It essentially takes away my favorite part of the game for a day.

    It has happened the last couple of town events.

    PLEASE fix this.

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