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Thread: Super Cell should feel ashamed

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    Super Cell should feel ashamed

    So for many of you this will not matter. My gripe is specific and will only pertain to a few. More specifically, I’m not very happy with the seasonal obstacles. I have been playing this game for almost 5 yrs. For 5 years any special obstacle that there has been I have pushed to the outside of my base and saved. Keep in mind, for the first several years we couldn’t save multiple bases. Meaning, I had to destroy my current base and build a base where nothing would spawn where I didn’t want it. This years halloween event started like all others. To my own fault, the first witches hat spawned inside my base. Most likely cause I moved a wall piece without knowing it while I was just scrolling around my base. So I deleted it and waited for the next obstacle. It appeared in the fringe but not where all the others of mine are. That was the only two chances I got. I saw a few other bases that had three but point being this. On a normal special obstacle there are 4-6 chances. Why change that? And why not have it to where I can spend gems to move it? Either way my base feels incomplete now and makes me unhappy.
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    This is neither an idea nor a feature request. Are you suggesting something or just complaining?
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    I'm confused as to why they should feel ashamed cause your hat didn't randomly spawn where you wanted it

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    i guess op complaint about that he only got two new halloween obstacles and one of them inside the base.
    it was just a realy short halloween season and i got two on my main and mini and three on my third account.

    good news op - supercell has it on their QoL-wish-list to make obstacles moveable.
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    It's something that's on our wishlist of QoL improvements. No definitive timeline as to when we would implement something like this, but we're definitely in agreement that it would be a nice addition.
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    I got my witch's hat on the fringe but unfortunately, I didn't get any on my second and thrid account.

    I, instead bought the Clash of Clans Logo worth a hundred CWL medals (on the accounts without the hat) and placed it on the corner on my village. It's pretty cool if you ask me.

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