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    South African Flag

    Thank you for an awesome game. Really love all the new changes and challenges. Please please add the South African flag to your next update. I will even exchange my gems for it... LOL

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    I lost count for the number of times people have asked for their flag ingame...

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    They should work on adding all flags where players live and play there games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danny1857 View Post
    They should work on adding all flags where players live and play there games.

    Quote Originally Posted by devil9394 View Post
    Add new flags to the game: Unfortunately, adding a flag for each country is not possible because that would cause an excess of data and lag on weaker devices which run the application. This has nothing to do with any country and does not mean any country is more important than another, but for now the number of the flags will stay the same.

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    closed. no new flags and wrong sub forum.

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