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Thread: *Plantasia* is a newly formed NH seeking dedicated derby addicts!

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    *Plantasia* is a newly formed NH seeking dedicated derby addicts!

    *Plantasia*Is a brand new neighborhood seeking dedicated derby addicts!
    We are searching for self suffient players level 65 and up.
    I will consider lowering the entry level for the right player.
    We do 320/400 tasks only and the extra task is optional but prefered if able to place.
    We love to win trophies but also want as many horseshoes as possible too.
    We are also looking for town players who release townies during derby as needed.
    We will be using the birdhouse with easy crops only to help with the achievement.
    The first player to be join will be promoted co leader.
    The rest will be promoted to elder to help trash tasks.
    We are looking for players from all countries as long as Fluent English is spoken in chat.
    Im level 116 avd very self suffient, Im located in the USA east coast.
    No drama allowed and please use good manners at all times.
    No Kik or other social media required.
    If you have any questions feel free to send me a private message.
    Im looking forward to hearing from you very soon!

    Plantasia #POUVOUJO
    teal heart background/black cat

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