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Thread: Looking for a TH11 Anti-ElectoDrag War Base

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    Looking for a TH11 Anti-ElectoDrag War Base

    Does anyone have a good anti-edrag war base that they could share? Thanks

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    Bump, any suggestions?

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    Sep 2018
    Plz join us we can share

    Cloud Avengers
    Est: 9/04/2018
    Location: UK
    Hi plz check out Cloud Avengers
    *We reach the top tier in clan games EVERY time!

    ABOUT Cloud Avengers

    We are a very active, level10 clan that’s looking for some friendly, active, & mature members that will make a great addition to our team! The members we have are loyal, friendly, helpful, & very entertaining. We war every day, We do take our wars seriously,

    ·Speak English
    ·We are an adult clan
    ·No rushed bases
    ·Be respectful and treat others as you would be treated
    ·NO hoppers. We are looking for members who will stick with us through thick & thin.
    ·We are looking for active members, if you neglect your base for a length of time, unfortunately we will have to kick you.
    ·NO drama, we don’t like the drama, we like to all get along & keep the atmosphere cool. Disrespect is not tolerated.

    We DON’T give “free” co or elder promotion to elder based on mainly overall positive attitudes, willingness to help others, donation ratio, & performance in wars.

    We need members who want to war,
    . After your first attack, ask the leader or a co who to hit for your second attack.
    ·Must use both attacks in wars.
    ·Opt OUT if your heroes are upgrading or if you have anything personal going on.
    ·If you ARE opted in, you are expected to fully participate.
    ·If you have ANY questions at all regarding a war attack strategy or comp feel free to ask before you attack, we are all very skilled players and can give great advice!

    Last but not least!!!!! To join simply look our clan up (#VVQJ8V9R) In your request include put that you came from the forum & you will be accepted immediately, as long as you're what we're looking for! PLEASE DO remember to mention the forum! Thank you so much & we look forward to meeting you!!!!!

    Be great to have you on board.


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