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Thread: Th10.5 (21/20/5) and th9 friend looking for casual war clan

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    Th10.5 (21/20/5) and th9 friend looking for casual war clan

    Been playing for 5 years, participated in war league at the th10 level. Looking to chill out a little bit while still warring 3x a week. Will do CWL and clan games and donate max as much as possible. Buddy of mine is th9, package deal. Just looking for an adult clan thats a team and isn’t hardcore war.

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    💥#pvuyclr8- Terror Lvl 13- Competitive Th9 and below wars💥 Mates Must be active in CGs or War.


    FRIENDLY☺️ War, Farm, Push Clan. Put "MD" in request. IF THE CLAN IS CLOSED, friend request one of the leaders. Kik username caneheat. Discord - Caneheat#1528

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    We sound like a good fit. Our main focus is keeping a casual atmosphere, while still being competitive in war.

    We war 3x a week, we're adults based in the US and Canada, and we're looking for more players to round out an additional CWL roster. Stop by and check us out, feel free to join us for our war search in an hour or so.

    Veni Vidi Vici
    DaHolla - #2QC2CL8U0
    Veni Vidi Vici - #P98L89UV

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    Hi JDawg,

    ***Pine Fine 2 #VRPP28L8*** is the sister clan for Pine Fine.

    We are currently 28 - 16 in wars.

    We are competing in the new Supercell CWL - We were placed in Gold League 1. We went 4-3 and came in 3rd place in our group.

    We have maxed every clan game event that we have participated in including the 75k game.

    We are recruiting Town Hall 8+ active players (cannot be rushed or engineered) to participate in weekly clan wars and clan games.

    ***Warning*** Before joining and leaving like so many others from the forums - Our chat is not super active outside of wars. That doesn't mean the clan isn't active. We war three times a week and donations are filled very quickly. If you want a very active chat log at all times, this isn't the clan for you.

    Pine Fine is level 14 clan with a warring record of 248 wins and 208 losses.

    Pine Fine 2 starts its wars on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday around 6 PM EST.

    We also have a discord server members are more than welcome to join.

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask here, message me or just join the clan and ask in chat.

    The main clan also hosts clan war events (trojan war, 50 in 50, ground/air troops only) and also practice days for people to try and be on to do friendly challenges.

    Warning - Before you join and leave like so many others from the forums - Our chat is not active. That doesn't mean that the clan isn't active. We war three times a week and donations are filled very quickly. If you want a very active chat log, this isn't the clan for you.

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    Both welcome here!!!

    Prism is a LEVEL 12 clan and Master League 1 CWL (we smashed it). International, however mostly USA/UK, mixed gender and most importantly ADULT ONLY. We are usually maxed out with players, so I’m regularly cleaning out inactive accounts and recruiting only the best players so the clan stays alive.

    DKA “Red Squad” is our LEVEL 6 feeder clan, for mini accounts, rushed accounts and beginners, we max clan games here and we offer CWL for anyone who doesn’t make our top 18 cut in Prism. We rotate the bonus’s so the top 9 players from each clan will receive rewards one month and the bottom half the following.

    We are a competitive group and winning is important, but we enjoy the game rather than take it too seriously. We chat a lot and to war we’ve made joining our KIK group mandatory, discord is optional. Donations are never left hanging and we always friendly challenge for practise, after all there’s always room for improvement.

    We ALWAYS achieve MAX tier on clan games usually within 48 hours, we’d require you to do your best to help towards this.

    We war constantly but you can opt in/out as and when you can/cannot war. No war pressure, no angry messages over bad attacks (after all it is just a game) - just follow the war plan and use both attacks accordingly.

    Rules? We are looking for English speaking, loyal and fairly active players who donate troops, pull their weight in clan games (if they want to receive the rewards) and follow war directions.

    If we sound like the right clan for you, just mention ‘Lea in forums’ upon joining, or add me as a friend and I will invite you if you fit the criteria.

    My tag #2RQ9VUPV2
    Prism #8YC8PP88
    Red squad #GOP9JPYG

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    你們 Gota Nxr
    Although we are a relatively new clan (LEVEL 3), we do have a tight-knit group of players who love to war who are loyal and trustworthy throughout. Our war record is currently 11-2-1
    . We are mainly based in the U.S, while others are from different countries. We max out CG's in almost a day, and are top 3 in our league for CWL. I am trying to make this as simple as possible: If you are willing to join, please contact me through either of these --

    Discord: Jamess#4042
    Line: highqualitycoc
    Kik: BballPhantom

    Clan Tag:
    High Quality (HQ) || Level 144|| TH 9.5 || Royals - BK: 26 AQ: 40

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    We're a set of two very active, international and solely English-speaking clan. The leader is very experienced in leading clans and we're looking for active, non-rushed members to join our clans. We war every day, max the clan games, and donate & chat frequently. To participate in wars, the messaging app 'Discord' is required to help us easily coordinate players and help develop players who need assistance with their attack strategies.

    A promotion to elder is mostly earned by showing dedication and activity in multiple areas, such as wars, the clans games, donations, and chat. A promotion to co-leader is earned by showing the same things as elder, though typically to a larger extent, as well as showing a leadership role in the clan, whether it's by helping others with their attacks, giving reasonable advice to the current leaders, helping to recruit new, active members to the clan, or any other way that you can help the clan grow and become better.

    We have two clans. The name of our main clan is Yoshi Island, the clan tag is #20LCQ2CR8, and the leader of the clan is Yoshi. To join this clan you must be at least th9. The name of our new sister clan is Yoshi Village, the clan tag is #22JQYOLOQ, and the leader of the clan is Slqckz. Members joining this clan should be th9 or lower. Please specify that you are joining from this recruitment thread when you join, and remember to keep having fun!

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    Hey we are a lvl 14 war clan #YQQGYL called DAMAGE INC. Our record is 351-139-7 and lately we’ve been running 30v30 wars but consistently on 25v25. This is all going to sound generic so the best way to really get to know us is to join our discord server and chat with us there just say you’re from the forums when you join the discord server. We war back to back but war is not mandatory. We run very organized but simple war plans so everyone is able to use their attacks whenever they’re able to and not having to wait on anyone else. What I think sets us apart from everyone else is we are a very strong war clan almost winning 4/1 ratio but we do it while being chill and not too serious. We crack jokes, talk nonstop about family/friends/life, and genuinely like eachother. We will never jump on someone for a bad attack, instead we encourage and coach if needed (we are all learning and try to get better from eachother). We don’t have any donation ratios. Requesting and donating makes the clan stronger and more active. Everyone that I’ve been lucky enough to recruit from the forums have stuck with us and I think you will too if you give us a chance. Just say forums when you request.

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    Level 18
    - 9,363/18,500| Master I
    BloodyIrishman - TH12 [Level 206] - #2 in TH12 Hall of Fame
    Follow this link if you're interested in joining!

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    Join Us

    CLAN 11 Looking for Active Mates in Clan Games and League War
    DA Boat Racers # QYOO89UP
    ❤AboutUs❤ Level 11 that is Helpful and a Fun Clan that has a place for you!
    - Members are international, but mostly based in North America but all are English speaking
    - We love to goof off & have fun, but we are also serious about war. We like to WIN.but it's not everything
    - We value giving & receiving feedback so we can all stay at the top of our game.
    - We consist of adults or mature enough teen that understand how COC is played.
    - We war twice a week, start WARS on Tuesday and Fridays, but understand when you might need or want to opt out of some or all WARS that is ok. Just ask that if you Opt In and are put in a WAR that you are prepared,ready and able to use both your attacks, if you dont want or not available to war just OPT OUT. - We always MAX Reward in Clan Games, encourage everyone TH6 or higher to do clan game tasks. - We only allow dependable war attackers in the League War, if you miss even one of your League War attacks you wont get a second chance to be in League the one area of COC you have to earn your spot to be placed on the roster, and you have to use your one attack in each of the daily wars you are placed in.
    - Join to help in WARS - Join to have Fun, Get Stronger, Chat, and Give and Receive DONATIONS - JOIN US ... ❤😆🌞😙😗😈😇😤😲😛😎💪👾👍👌✊✌👊☝💋

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