If you focus in on Camps and CC as a priority, it will help you immensely.
what I did was to put some Dark troops in the lab; Bowler/Witch/Hog/Hound.. (Healers after witches) so I could focus my elixir farming on Warden (Lvls 1-5) and max camps.

I was in Titan 3 and did a lot of Bowler Witch raids. it was heavy on Dark (pre witch adjustment) but I wasn't in the mood to Gob raid at that time.. (I was trying to balance attacking a few accts, so I needed a means to get some Loot per day quantities in -rather than loot per hour-) The star bonus and loot bonuses were plenty to keep builders swinging the hammer.. anyhow I was not in a real rush to do my AQ and BK, so I made a decision to get going on my ceiling for TH11 raid load-out (Camps and CC ~ Warden5) and catch them up later on after I have max camps and CC and Warden5

if you have loads of time to session raid then by all means slurp collectors with Archers and Gobs...
otherwise get 4-6 raids a day in up in at least Titan 3. (champs bonus is decent. but loot is usually pretty meh from my exp.)