Hi - we would love to have you join our great NH. We are a very helpful NH looking for polite neighbors who want to get to know each other and have a great time playing. This is the summary of our requirements:

🌺Minimum Level to join 65 (exceptions can be made)
🌸Do all 9 tasks in the derby at 310 + points (no diamonds ever)
🌺Opt out of derby anytime if you can't
🌸Be friendly, chatty and willing to help others
🌺Minimum age of 18
🌸Always say thank you and you're welcome
🌺No drama in the chat
🌸English speaking only in chat
🌺Elder status as soon as you join

PM me or kik chat me at snebs88 if you are interested. Or drop by and try us out for a week. Forever Summer - teal cat, green background #P9LVLQJY