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Thread: (help) Rushing Builder Hall

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    (help) Rushing Builder Hall

    Lets say i maxed out everything at BH5, is it okay to rush to BH8?
    Will i face BH8 base more often or just bases with the same range of trophies??

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    BB matchmaking is based on trophies and not on bh level.

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    Rush rush rush your better off than maxing.

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    Rush as quick as you can, easier to catchup at 8 then max out 6
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    The rule on the base of the builder is simple: update your bh as fast as possible because the higher your bh the greater your average trophy, so your bonus will be higher !!!

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    Rushing the BB is the best way to play; it is designed to be rushed. So much so that maxing is really no fun at all.

    There are a few ways to rush the BB. I like to max BH3, then focus just on key defenses and key troops. Some will hyper-rush then deal with it all at BH8...I think that’s a bit trying and takes the fun out. At the least, I usually recommend players pick a troop to max at every BH level so they are able to play decently at the next level.
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    Thanks guys, your suggestions were right.
    Rushing is better than maxing.
    I tested it on 2 accounts, first one was rushed and its much better than the maxer im gonna rush both account.

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