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Thread: New to th10 where should i farm

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    As a TH10 in Champs most of your losses once close to max will be by TH11s and TH12s, they will take your loot you will defend the rushed bases and poor attackers.......With Champs at Th10 the loot is not awesome but the bonus is. I would probably farm as a TH10 in Masters 1 to Crystal 2...Above the TH11 bottom feeders, but where you will find easy full collectors. And where you can use a cheap army if you hunt dead bases.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJluv2013 View Post
    Where is a good place for a spanking brand new TH10 to farm.
    It depends on which farm style you fancy actually.

    If you don't mind barching you'l probably best farming in Crystal/Low Master.
    If you don't like barching (which is indeed boring) and prefer practising real attacks I'd suggest you Champ. You find some dead bases there as well for better loot than lower leagues but which counts most is the bonus (attack and stars') which is awesome (200k ish gold an Elixir 1.4kish DE). I prefer farming there as a TH10. Ofc you need to aim to bases with good elixir loot, 'cause you most often will spend as much in you army so the net gain is in the bonus. Don't mind that much about DE (not as much as you did as a TH9) since DE at TH10 in Champ comes quite naturally from loot and bonus if you use a DE free army (I usually do: 12 Giant, 4-5 healers, wizzies, and rest barch-gobs to fill. It works fine).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sammydict View Post
    But down in Master's, a TH9 & TH10 have more chances of being raided by TH8 & TH7 which receives better ratios of available resources as loot compared to TH10, TH11s by whom my base mostly gets raided.
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