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Thread: Edit option in all slot

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    Edit option in all slot

    Don,'t you people think that their might be a edit available in all slots we buy in machines and rss as well coz one day i have accident ly sell my 3gold bar at 1 gold coin and when i tried to make correction with diamond all bar won't get refunded, means all thing gets waste pls supercell think about it please.

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    This is the way Hay Day has always operated. I suspect everybody has made this mistake at some time, and we all (mostly) learn from it and don't make the same mistake again. Personally I would prefer Supercell to be putting their efforts into other areas of the game. I know it's disappointing when it happens, but to me it is one way in which the game can be like real life. Put in a sell order on your Microsoft shares at $1 and it will be snapped up before you have taken breath! That mistake also can't be undone

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    I think everyone has done this. I sold expansion materials for 1 coin. On the other hand, I have sold items to my hoodies at full price when I should have hit the 1 coin. I just try to pay attention when I'm in the shop. When I'm selling to hoodies I make sure I don't have an ad going. I also learned that once it's in the shop there is no getting it back. It may be annoying but it's just a game after all.

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    If you made the mistake again, you could ask your hood mates to buy the items and sell it back to you.

    Also can be done with your other/mini/baby farm if you have one.

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