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Thread: Level 14 group of clans looking for friendly adult players 30 and older, any level

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    Cool Level 14 group of clans looking for friendly adult players 30 and older, any level

    We are a level 14 clan that is one of a group of four clans, looking for members 30 and over who are social, like war, and want to improve while having fun. These clans have been around for a few years, with stable leadership. Most players are in Canada or the U.S, with some in Europe. We war three times a week, and opting out of war as needed is fine, including to squeeze in having a life. We get full rewards in clan games, including the 75,000 point ones, and team up with our sister clans as needed to avoid burning out. We did fine on first war league, and will stay in Masters 2. Elder and co are earned over time based on your contributions to the clan, sparkling conversation, and/or interesting tastes in food and drink.

    Any level town hall is fine. Being rushed is fine so long as you are willing to improve your base. Good English is required, as well as a good sense of humour! We have no donation requirements, but do require you to follow the war rules. We are all learning together, so please be supportive. Swearing is fine,and possibly encouraged, but not abuse of other players or temper tantrums. We would prefer you join our forum on Band to to improve communication across players and clans.

    Please make sure you read the clan description before applying, and provide your age in your request.

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