We are a group of long term players our team is there to help anyone who needs help with items and derby tasks,
we work together to get things done but ask that you help others when you can

If you are over level 65 and want a neighbourhood that is helpful and friendly please come and check us out.

We do ask that you do the best you can in the derby but we also ask you to opt out of derbys if you don't think you can achieve at least a minimum of 2400 points,
we understand life sometimes gets in the way but we do have a rule if you don't achieve minimum points 2400 you are opted out the next derby for 1 derby only, then you can come back and play derby again this is to ensure it is fair to those that work hard to finnish all tasks, 2400 points is not hard to achieve especially with all the help other team members are able to provide all you need to do is ask for help if your stuck
We are an English speaking team and prefer to be able to communicate with other members and ask you to reply if we need to chat to you
Our name is global hero's