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Thread: Hay Day Farm Anniversary or Birthday Gift

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    Lightbulb Hay Day Farm Anniversary or Birthday Gift

    I know that Hay Day already has one gift (decoration) that the game sends to farms at the 2 year (I think) anniversary of the farm's creation, but it would be really nice to get at least a little "Happy 1st/2nd/3rd/4th etc. Anniversary/Birthday!" note in a package delivered to the farmhouse upon EACH anniversary. Since the game already does this on one of the anniversaries, it seems like something that might not be very difficult to add.

    The reason I'm requesting this is because I wrote to customer support within Hay Day asking to be told the date that I created one of my farms, but I was told that they aren't allowed to tell me that information. I have multiple farms. Each one I created at different times over the years and I would like to know how old each of my farms are. If each farm at least received a note/package congratulating farmers on the number of years they've had that farm, we'd be able to know from that. (it wouldn't even need to contain a decoration as a gift, just something that actually says how many years old the farm is)

    If this is not an idea that can be implemented, I request instead that the customer service representatives for Hay Day be allowed to share this information with players upon their request. It seems unreasonable to withhold that information.

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    You can look up when you got the collect-12-eggs trophy. That is probably the date you started.

    Regardless of that, I would love a reminder every year. Maybe even a small deco thing or diamonds to go with that

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    Hi and welcome to the forum SisAce. Here is a link that will show you exactly how to navigate to find your achievements Hobbitly referred to. I hope it helps.
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    Wow! I didn't know about that. Thank you guys so much! I've checked that out now, and I created my first farm at the beginning of September 2012, just two and a half months after the game launched. I can't believe it took me this long to sign up here! I'm so glad I have now! Thanks again!��

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