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Thread: Need a neighborhood - Lv. 106

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    Still availible? I joined a hood that I finished 10 tasks, and they opted me out of the derby
    because they checked Friday night and I had not finished, and I finished Sunday at 11pm.
    Then the person who opted me out, was not nice to me and basically said too bad, you can
    try again next week.

    I was livid, she kept changing her story about why she did I am just done.

    I am level 107 now.


    Quote Originally Posted by Woodberry View Post
    ✴ Come over to the dark side.......✴✴✴
    Dark Side Of The Moo

    Tag #9GL9LQQL
    Blue circle, plain blue background and yellow cow.
    Champions League

    You don't have to be a Pink Floyd fan to join us..

     We are a very new hood made up of experienced farmers.
     International players.
     We like to derby, have fun and win , 9 tasks and 10th optional.
     We like please and thank you and helping each other but don't like beggars.
     We are a relaxed peaceful hood who like to chat but if you are
    busy or working and can only pop on that's ok too.
     You can opt out of the derby but must actively farm.
     Level 80 up accepted and made Elder straight away.
     We donate any items so that the achievement can be done quickly and
     We do not reserve tasks or flip the task board using diamonds.
     English speakers only please.

     Please feel free to pm me here if you have any more questions or join us for a chat 

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    Apr 2014
    Looking For New Members above level 50

    Exception can be made for lower level, please ask.

    We are a super friendly, supportive group, we help each other & just enjoy the game.

    We are champion league but know that life comes first. If we have a bad week it's not the end of the world. It is a game after all, and it's supposed to be fun, right?

    We don't have a lot of rules and no drama. Diamonds not required for task 10 in derby, #10 is totally optional. Will consider a player with a lower level if they are active.

    Our members are English speaking US & EU various time zones and some insomniacs so location doesn't matter. Send us a message if interested or search on our tag from your neighborhood house.
    NEIGHBORHOOD = 24 X 7 Ships wheel on pink background tag # URJJ9Y.
    Hope to see you soon....Mary (gypsyrio)

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    Have a look at our recruitment post titled:
    We donít NEED you - You WANT us Ė We are THE NH to be in!

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    Hey there! Ive felt that exact same as you in my last hood. We're a new hood, 5 people strong and growing. I use Tom as well, and help anyone I can. If you'd like to grow with us, you're more than welcome! Our hood is Crazy Cactus 🌵 and tag is PGRRU9VL. Goodluck!

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