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I think your issue is whether running a clan is fun for you? Many millions of people love the day to day 'work' of running a clan. This is not a bad thing for many and the opportunity to organise sister clans, feeder clans and CWL clans alongside the existing clan will be something many, many players will love. Of course that's not all players but as a famous person once tweeted,' You can't please all of the people all of the time.'
Except in this case you could solve 99% of the heartburn easily.

Allow players who are on the bench to attack bases on the map for *personal* stars if that base has already been attacked by one of the 15 *real* attackers.

Boom. Benched players are now no longer dependent on their clan winning their matchups to get CWL medals for the insanely awesome rewards everyone wants. It's almost like you guys WANT to break up clans with the current system.

Give benched players a road to earn something.