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Thread: This week's Derby seems bad (November 6, 2018)

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    It’s been a weird week for me too. Not a single 320 production task, (nor mining, crops, help etc, but that’s not unusual). I play Solo so I always get 10 tasks on the board and ready to complete, I’m stuck on 7 right now, still trashing. Very odd. I normally place, this week I’ll just be hoping not to land in the bottom 3 and get demoted. Very, very, odd.

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    Well, if they were trying to make the derby last all week, they seem to have succeeded!

    i finished my last task last night. I saw very few harvest tasks and only saw one worth 320 points (I didn’t get it )

    we all did 320 x 9, but had to wait for decent tasks to come up.
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    We struggled to find 250 big tasks this week. The range of tasks seemed oddly balanced with some tasks just not appearing at all while baskets seemed to predominantly want lengthy stuff like wool, bacon, goat milk, strawberries or tomatoes- Very few stackable easy wins!
    There were of course myriad town tasks, often of exactly the same type (3 cowboy or gift shop tasks for example), just as playing town is so tedious and miserable
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