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Thread: Bombers clear the way and troops still go around..

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    Bombers clear the way and troops still go around..

    Can you please make it where troops don’t walk around entire wall segments after a bomber has cleared that wall piece?? It is one of the most irritating things to see in the game. The Ai should refresh whenever a wall is taken down so the troops know they can walk through instead of going around! I mean i see it in the home village when you attack someone troops will break through a wall and suddenly every troop realizes “a way forward” has been made.

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    Poor troop AI also is one of the things that irritates players to play in the Builder Base. They should also focus on improving their AI if they gonna work on Builder Base related things.

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    It’s all in the timing. Once the troops lock on to a target, they do not rescan pathing/targeting for a predetermined amount of time (around 6 seconds). If they lock and the Bombers bust down the wall before that time hits, they walk around.
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