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Thread: Rooster and Hens are Looking for Positive Members

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    Rooster and Hens are Looking for Positive Members

    This is a fun group that my wife and I started after being in numerous groups. Rooster and Hens are derby driven and require members to participate. Come visit us today.
    We have came in first 2 times now. Building a Neighborhood to achieve excellence.

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    Rosters and Hens are seeking Derby Minded Members

    We are currently seeking members. Very derby oriented. Communication and teamwork is key. We do 310+ tasks in regular derby and generally try 350+ in special derby’s. We accept players that are level 35 and above. The hood is currently in the Champions League. English language is preferred. Come join a winning team to win your farm a trophy. Each member becomes an elder with a chance to move up to Co-leader. Task are deleted that are not higher than 300.

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    Hello Dear!
    I like this game so much its really nice and realstic also i'm looking for good and friendly players
    can i join your NEIGHBORHOOD ? please my level is 18
    Lvl 18 also i'm very active and my friend in your hood

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    Roosters and Hens

    Roosters and Hens is a derby driven neighborhood looking for members. This a very active, chatty, and relaxed hood. Players are helpful with each member. Must complete all tasks 300+ 9/9 and 18/18 on special derby. Level 50 or higher.

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