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Thread: 😁Fun, Friendly & Farm Focused?😁

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    😁Fun, Friendly & Farm Focused?😁

    Looking for an active and upbeat neighborhood? Lolli & Pops is an international group of welcoming and helpful adults playing the game in a relaxed, chill, stress-free environment with some fun farmchat banter when time allows!

    Derby play is 9/9, 312+ tasks (10th optional) and typically place top 3. We ask that you complete all nine tasks to be fair to the rest of the team. If having a busy week, simply opt out and farm at your leisure.�� We ask that players take a variety of tasks in both time and length which creates fair play (and more fun) for everyone. It’s always a smooth & fun ride to the finish line!

    We’re active, generous, welcoming, and honestly a solid bunch bringing the fun back to the much-needed and sought after farm time!

    If we sound like a good fit, come on over and join us! Questions? Pm or post below!��

    Hope to meet you! Cheers

    lvl 160
    Neighborhood name: Lolli & Pops
    Tag #9Ypp28pV
    kik: storybrooke11
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    Looking forward to a great week with this bunch! If we sound like a good fit, come join us!

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    Weekend bump

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    If our level is set too high yet you feel we’d be a good fit for you, pm me!

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    Mystery Derby this week May the tasks be ever in your favor

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    Opening the door for a few active, like-minded players to join us! If we seem like a good fit and our level is set too high, pm me!

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    Bumping up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kristin11 View Post
    Looking forward to a great week with this bunch! If we sound like a good fit, come join us!
    I’m level 48, so I am unable to join.

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    Friday bump

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    Helpful, friendly, welcoming & relaxed group of adults looking for a few more active players to join us. Come on over if we sound like a good fit!

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