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Thread: CWL medals

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    This is by far the clearest explanation I've seen on this.

    I've seen so much conflicting info that it seems like Facebook and think everything is fake news. :P That's no reflection on you! I hope it's accurate. At least it is clear. Well done! There must be a bug on the forum, every time I try to give rep I get a message saying I must spread it around. haha I guess, the same people keep deserving it.

    Quote Originally Posted by SkyValker View Post
    Nobeone - the medals have been rather confusing, but I think all the bugs are fixed now! From my understanding, you should receive (using figures for Crystal 2 league)

    'Per war' medals:
    The 15 people in each war, will get 8 medals per star they gain on their own attack only (so 8/16/24 medals for 1/2/3 stars)
    Everyone included in your roster/squad will receive 19 medals if you win the war (19 per person, whether they were in that war or not, so long as they were signed up to the roster at the start of the week)

    So, if someone gets 0 stars, and you lost the war, they get 0 medals.
    If they get 3 stars, and the clan wins the war, they get 43 medals

    'End of week' bonus medals:
    When the weekly league ends, the clan will be able to award batches of 70 medals (tier rewards)
    You are guaranteed to have 2 batches to hand out, but will also receive an additional batch to hand out, for each war won.

    So, as you won 6 wars, you would have 2 guaranteed & 6 bonus batches of 70 medals to hand out (to any 8 separate people that were in your roster/squad, whether they actually participated any war or not)
    you can't split the batches, and I gather you can't award 2 batches to the same person.

    Really hope this helps!

    My mini clan will be in Crystal 1 for the next war. Maybe meet you in a future war!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2Mark2 View Post
    I was under the impression that after cwl 1st war anyone on the roster would get winners medals for each match win. However it seems only participants, not roster members got the medals. Was this an error? If so, when will it be fixed and will roster members get medals credited to them soon?
    It was a bug now it has been fixed!

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