Not helping the reporting of problems to Supercell is the fact that in-game, our only option now is to interact with an auto reply support bot. The bot either gives an auto answer or refers players to this forum. I donít know how closely this form is being monitored by Supercell employees, but I donít have a lot of confidence that this method is going to reach them faster. And most Supercell players are not members of this forum.

Frankly, most of the problems I would report I would not want to come here every single time in report. Itís quicker and easier to just report in-game and keep playing. So I imagine a lot of issues will be underreported.

I have always appreciated the fact that supercell affords us the opportunity of interacting with actual humans in customer service. Humans that responded very quickly and efficiently. I believe this latest ďupgradeď is a step backward.