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Thread: CoC Clan and Basic Helper App

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    CoC Clan and Basic Helper App

    Hey Guys,
    I am an App Developer and CoC Player. One of my main problems in CoC is to find a Clan with Members like my own (Level, Town Hall, etc.). So my idea is to make an App where Clans can choose which Members they are searching for (Region, Language, Level, Town Hall, etc.) and Players can search for Clans (Clan Level, etc).
    When you are registering, you provide your CoC informations (like player name, TH level, images of your home and war town, region, language, etc.).
    When you are creating your Clan profile you could provide clan informations (clan level, min player TH/level, region, main language).
    The App should suggest only related Players (filtering from given player informations) to Clans (when a Clan is looking for TH10 or higher only Players with this parameter will be suggested) and when a Player is searching a Clan only Clans with the given Parameters (and also the correct Clan Parameters) will be suggested. (If TH9 is searching for a Level 10 Clan and these Clan is searching for TH10+ there will be no "match").
    Also the App could be like a Clan Chat. When your Members are using the App and joining your Clan, you could plan the CW or post the CW Attack Strategie in the Clan.

    Also the App could be have a Basic information function, wheree you can find upgrade costs etc for each building.

    Let me know if you want an App like this or if nobody needs an App like this.

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    I'm actually in the process of making this app. Though it gave me second thoughts because discord is reigning when it comes to recruitment nowadays. Which is meh, but if you look at discord channels with recruitment it's REALLY sloppy. Personally I'm not a huge discord user since like I said it gets REALLY messy.

    However, of course that feature by itself is too shallow. So I'll be implementing more stuff than that. It's gonna be made for Web, Android, and iOS. Though iOS will be last because iOS license is expensive.


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