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Thread: SuperCell - Failed to deliver on the Fix the Clan War Matchups.

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    SuperCell - Failed to deliver on the Fix the Clan War Matchups.

    Supercell promised a matchmaking fix, based a new way to match in wars, but has (as usual) not delivered on their promise. Sure, we have the CWL and this does match differently, but now the the CWL is over, itís back to regular wars and rubbish matches.
    Not only is there no fix, but clearly they were never working on a fix. Just the CWL which is nothing to do with regular wars.
    I think the CWL has shown one change we need in regular wars, one hit per player. This will be a big step to fixing some of the problems. And the othe fix we must have is blocking all accounts without all buildings dropped being eligible for war.
    Time to deliver Supercell...

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    I don't understand why you are so negative.

    Clearly, SC does listen and often does deliver on promises.

    We have been getting worse match ups lately too. But, for a long time we got very good match ups. I tend to look at who's in our wars causing the bad matches. And, I've decided it's time to move our clan in a new direction. I'm not blaming the system, I'm looking to adapt to the system.

    I think two things are causing our match ups to be somewhat unfair.

    We recently started taking two 12s but have no TH11s. That's an unusual war lineup. We are usually evenly matched on th12s. Usually an exact match in regular wars. However, at TH10 through 8 things are not so great.

    I will be taking fewer TH8s. Moving the clan toward TH10s 9s and higher for war.

    I see a trend I don't like. First TH7s became useless for war and I enjoyed TH7 but it is what it is.

    Or second issue is we have not lost a war in our last 32 outings. Recent war performance is a factor. I don't think the algorithm "likes" strong war win performance. That's just my way of saying it. We are going to get stronger clans because of our long time without a loss. That narrows the pool of potential matches. Which makes it more likely we will get slightly unfair wars.

    In our current war, they have five TH10s were we have two. One is engineered. One is weakish, the other two rather strong.

    Our TH spread is too wide with 12s to 8s. We need to go to 12s to 9s which we will start doing.

    Figure out what's wrong with your roster.

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    Hi StormHeart.
    You are correct, running 12 and no 11 is a bad idea an we don’t skip a TH at any level.
    Also the spread doesn’t help, and I ha e just started a 2nd clan for TH8 down wars due to this.

    Our war log sits at about 72/73% wins, which I think is fairly decent, and lost wars are almost always due to the engineering with clans pulling out a TH12/11 with near maxed troops/Heroes sitting at the bottom.
    We run no engineered bases, no rushed bases in our clan yet matchups still seem to like finding us engineered clans.

    My point for this post isn’t really to complain about the match ups, but I guess I have done so, but more that supercell said they were fixing it. Yet, this was not the case, they just added a different war type that does nothing to fix current war issues.

    Thanks for the post, and yes, my post does read with negative feelings, which I don’t like the feel of either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vansimon View Post
    Supercell promised a matchmaking fix, based a new way to match in wars, but has (as usual) not delivered on their promise.
    Looking at your clan, I see 13 wins from the last 15 wars - Congrats!

    In your war of 21st October - see you have 2 TH11's to your opponents zero.
    In your war of 30th September - I see an engineered TH11 called 'Hunter' in your roster.

    Regardless of the above, and without specific info on Offensive strength, I'd suggest that the majority of your recent wars have been relatively well matched (not always perfect), which supports your 13 wins from 15.

    I don't see anything ridiculous in your match ups to support this 'Failed to Deliver' generalisation about War matchups.
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    When assessing matching, I feel a "one mans junk is another mans treasure" approach has to be taken.
    Most people have a different method of "seeing" what the MM spat out. It can be General appearance, Top hall, Hall colours, Engineering.. the possibilities are endless. On top of that, it is usually harder to assess your own match up, than surveying someone else's, as you have an invested interest in what you are given.
    i dont personally think the matching isnt in any way bad at the moment, nor has it been for a while. We just simply took a hit whilst we adjusted slightly. But even with SC's move to narrow the goal posts with their "build all" policy, there are still so many variables built into the game. Ask 50 people to do a report on a match up, and you will get some colourful reports back, but many will be severely conflicting.
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    I have seen it time and time again being at a disadvantage on paper doesnt mean all is lost. Regular wars my clan is often at a disadvantage. In cwl we were at a disadvantage all 7 wars but won them all easily there too.
    There are plenty of good people on the forum that repeatedly point out flaws in people's thinking of what is a disadvantage. I just wish everyone could see it.
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    You failed to utilize the most effective strategy by not using the most available resources to affect your outcome.
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    You're scoring consistently between 98 and 100%, with 5 100%s in the data that's available on Your most recent loss was on a 5v5 with TH8s that had nothing to do with the MM (I can't see the detail on the other loss). So, I'm not sure what you're looking for. Maybe explain to me how the matchmaker is failing you?
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    I don't think I've ever had a complaint about matchups, we have enjoyed many long streaks in our clan and maintain 90% win rate over 500 wars, that's a long time and alot of change. For me the key is analyzing how you match, why do some clans do better than others? In a good system, some clans should be better than others but should be some skill in attaining advantage through base building.

    If you are trying to gain an advantage through matching (engineering) and you are getting mismatches, you aren't blaming the system, you look inwards to your clan about what you need to change in order to fix the problem.

    13 wins out of 15 is pretty good, seems there are also other good clans enjoying prosperity too so I do not think the matchmaking has failed you.

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    We have been phasing out the lower level Th's and moving into a lineup that consists of a TH range of 10-12. We moved our Th9's that want to war over to our feeder. Since doing this we've consistently had faster and fair matchups.
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