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    Gold and wagon wheel fence panels on WOF

    Can we get those to buy as well as the other fence panels that were prizes in a past derby,the blue fence and planter box .i would like to add more to what I have and to be able to buy for coin would be super

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    It used to be that items that had been special event or Derby prizes, or only available through something like the WoF would eventually appear in the shop for purchase with Hay Day currency ( coins or diamonds). It might take a year for this to happen, but Hay Day farmers are (mostly) patient! That seems to be a thing of the past. It’s sad because many of the items you mention, fence sections in particular, are only fun if you can get a bunch of them. Setting it up so that we are limited to 5 in a diamond deco offer or waiting to “win” a meaningful number is just cruel.
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    Here's something I've not seen before:

    I can't wait to see if I'm lucky with the deco package. Or will it be another bird house...?

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