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Thread: Dragon's Lair

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    Dragon's Lair

    Hello, all!

    I want to share how to complete base Dragon's Lair, which is the last base of Goblin Map. This can be easily destroyed, does not even require CC and with a low Hero level.
    This is the video⬇
    #GR3ET1NGS CL45H

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    Clever use of skeleton spells to avoid dealing with the dragon all together, I never thought about trying that.

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    Cool, does it count towards killing the giant dragon achievement?

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    Quote Originally Posted by raja1 View Post
    Cool, does it count towards killing the giant dragon achievement?
    Pretty sure, from what i've seen so far, you get that only when you actually kill the giant dragon.
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    nice work. You can kill the dragon on its own for the achievement. Then retry the base for 3 stars

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    i completed it in one try, attacking from opposite end clearing infernos first
    dragons, minions & lava pups dealt with it while using eternal tome at the same time

    i got 222/225
    & i couldn't get 3rd * on 3 previous maps

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