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Thread: [Recruiting] It's a Trap| Townhall 6+ | Clan Level 1| Social/War| USA based

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    [Recruiting] It's a Trap| Townhall 6+ | Clan Level 2| Social/War| USA based

    It's a Trap

    • Clan Tag: #282L0Q0JQ
    • Clan Level: 2
    • Clan Entry Requirements:

    • Town Hall 6+
    • Must use both war attacks
    • Mature Members Adult Clan
    • US based

    Wars: Back to back wars, If you are in war then please use both attacks!! If you have a hero down or life going on opt out and war will not be expected of you, but please keep in mind we are a war clan and would like members to war as much as they can!
    Clan Games: We like to max out on points in clan games to get all the rewards! Easy way to get some upgrades going on your base, we ask that you all participate in the clan games however don't expect everyone to max out especially if the games are already maxed out. But please don't be that guy that only does 10 points a game and just reaps the rewards of harder working clan members.
    Promotions: Earning promotions can be easy to obtain! First three maxing clan games, people filling war cc, using both attacks in war with 3 star attacks, and of course donations all will help go towards considering you for a promotion. We wont have 25 coleaders and those positions will have to be earned with time in to the clan and an actual show of leader ship qualities.

    Come help build a clan and stop searching for these clans that are dying off!

    When joining say forums!!
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    Hi, I wanted to start a new clan with some of my friends. I even made a discord server particularly for the clan. But I am lacking some people. If you are a th12, we can start in your clan and we can use our old discord server. I decided earlier to start with a level 14 clan, but their war log is like less than 200 wins, more than 400 losses. If you're interested to discuss it further, check out me on discord.
    Server invite link

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    Monday Bump!

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    Tuesday Bump!! We won our first war and now are about to start our second!

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    Hump day bump!

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    Thirsty Thursday Bump!

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    Weekend Bump!!

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    Sunday Funday Bump!

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    I need a TH 12 in my Clan!

    Hey guys, We are a fresh clan looking for a TH12 to join our ranks! We are a US based adult war clan that does back to back wars! We are a laid back clan that does not get onto people for failed attacks, all we ask is that you use both attacks. That being said our leaders are skilled in war and have a lot of attack experience at all TH lvls and are willing to give advice!

    Come check us out! #282L0Q0JQ clan name It's a Trap!

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    Tuesday bump! Update we have a TH 12 with lvl 2 sieges about to have lvl 3 seiges!! Join up!!

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