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Thread: Recruiting Members for War, Clan Games

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    Red face Recruiting Members for War, Clan Games

    Active clan looking for non-rushed bases, Town hall 8 and above. Loyalty will be rewarded.

    -War pretty much always
    -Participate in clan games (We will max out clan games)
    -Donate troops
    -English speaking
    -US based clan
    -Well established clan with leader and co been player for a lot of years.

    Adult led clan, helpful, TH 12s that have no problem donating troops!
    We just ask that you participate in wars and donate!

    Come join, joke, and clash!

    Search RockNRollas


    Clash On!!!
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    Hey, just checked you guys out. Good luck recruiting but if it doesn’t work out we’d be happy to take on your actives. We are an adult US based clan with international members. Pretty good group.

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    Still looking for good players! We've won 5 of our last 6 wars and only lost the one because someone didnt attack (he got booted).

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    Daily bump. Clan growing, but still looking for solid, active members!

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    Clan continues to grow!

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    We're kicking ♥♥♥ in war! Won 6 of 7 of our last wars! Come sign up and help the clan grow, have fun, play in wars and clan games.

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    daily bump

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    New Bloke/Chick Tsiki's Avatar
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    Nov 2018
    Hi there,
    My name is Tsiki and I'm from the clan TATANKA (#YU0VUG0Q).
    We are looking for new members and I'd like to offer you to merge up with us.
    Our Post

    Please think about it

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    Daily Bump!!!! Clans growing nicely.

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