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Thread: we are in war search ... 32 hours and counting!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhgreen View Post
    Its been 11+ days since our last war we never stop wars yet we have no found one since CWL come out. We have tied 24+ hours for 5 man 24+ hours 10 man 24+ hours 15 man . So we about to enter day 5 searching we never use to have problems nothing as changed but we have a nice streak up.
    Then it is unlikely to be your streak that is causing your issues.
    Sounds more likely that your methods of obtaining your streak are failing to find a suitable match.

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    We began our War search on Friday night after finishing CWL.
    Roster 4/5/5/1 - search took about 35mins.

    If you are experiencing long search times, please post your Clan Tag, so we can take a look, and possibly help you!
    Clan Name : SOUTH WEST 45, Clan Tag : #90LP2PL. Highest Win Streak 12!
    Clan Details : Established 2012! Adult, English speaking International Level 14 War Clan (twice a week). Recruitment Thread : My Spec : TH11, 50-50-20.

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