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    Quote Originally Posted by ArcherQueenEnthusiast View Post
    I suggest dont give people co unless they are extremely loyal and you can trust them.
    Quote Originally Posted by JusMe View Post
    A clan can do just fine with a good leader and a few (trusted indeed) co-leaders. If people need ranks to feel better, they have an issue, not the clan. We have several clans and members hop right and left ... half of the time I forget to change back the 'ranks' because next CWL or clan games they'll hop again .... lots of 'members'... quite a few 'elders'... not so many 'co-leaders' and one leader in all of our clans. And no hassle about it either, thankfully.

    In our clans people know they are appreciated for their contribution and most don't need a rank to know that - and I'm thankful for every one of our members' contribution, be it donating, advice, warring, doing CWL and/or maxing CG
    In my opinion, the above 2 posts include all that is required for a co leader, and also show that position is irrelevant within a successful, and happy clan.

    Quote Originally Posted by PlexVW View Post
    This is one of the biggest decision a leader has to face. Can i trust this person with so much power. While all the points everyone mentioned are correct . You will need to see how this person also handles situation towards other clan members. Its important that you have someone who is firm but yet not abusive should corrective action is needed. After all its a clan and sometimes members will make mistakes in their attack or even forget to attack. I feel its important to have someone who is firm can correct as well and motivate members and elders in becoming part of a clan for what the clan stands for.
    I feel this is more a leaders responsibility. a leader needs to be friendly, but willing to step in as required, and make the tougher decisions. After all, the biggest decisions will be made regarding the actions of a CO in most cases.
    Elder is given easily. We quickly make people elders, just by being active. CO is earned with loyalty and know how. They are the future leaders.

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    This is a tough question. Some players will leave if they feel that they've earned the co-leader position but didn't get it. I myself have done that. I think if a player has been there for more than 30 days, fits in well with the clan, uses all their attacks during wars, donates well, etc should probably be made a co-leader.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beachdude67 View Post
    This is a tough question. Some players will leave if they feel that they've earned the co-leader position but didn't get it. I myself have done that. I think if a player has been there for more than 30 days, fits in well with the clan, uses all their attacks during wars, donates well, etc should probably be made a co-leader.
    Maybe for a new clan, but for my clan of 50 by your standard we would have 49 co-leaders. I have players that have been with us greater than two years who are not cut out to help lead and that is ok. If someone wants to leave a clan because they haven't been promoted to co-leader you are probably better off without that person. Bad co-leaders lead to bad clans. Not to mention the fact already posted in this thread that co-leaders can divvy up CWL bonuses.
    Quote Originally Posted by Warios View Post
    If they could implement a family clan feature, allowing movement between2 clans without the leave and get accepted system.
    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    We WOULD like to create some kind of "social network" to provide support systems to Clan families. It's been something on the discussion table before, but hasn't really moved beyond that.

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    Rank is generally far more important to younger players than older Clashers so there is no one size fits all.
    Elder is largely a decorative bauble on a Christmas tree so personally I would have few qualms about giving it out after a couple of wars if someone presented as a decent player in terms of behaviour and chat.
    Co-Leader is a whole different ball game and I wouldn't even entertain a discussion about it for 3-6 months unless I already knew the player and was confident in their ability to not be a total car crash if handed power.

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    Maybe I’m a bit stingy with that, Idk.

    Our previous leader would give elder to anyone who’d been active for a couple of months and asked for it.

    But I hold more to the idea that being an elder actually *means something. Since elders can accept and invite people, I want to know that they are more than just someone who has been *around for a while.

    I want to know they’ll take the time to look at a player’s base/stats first and that they have an idea of what we need. (This also means I have to see that they’ve been around enough and read/participated in enough of the discussions in chat, etc., to know those things.)

    I also want an elder who will be able to welcome the person into the clan and answer their basic questions about us, etc. That, and being a good *member—decent contributor to the clan in a significant way, not missing attacks in war (outside of rare real-life emergencies or something), etc. In other words, a good example of what we want all members to be doing.


    We have quite a few coleaders who have all at some point shown an additional interest in the clan and the game, having gone “above and beyond” to help others in donating, coaching/giving feedback and encouragement, giving advice on upgrades, being actively involved with war, discussing plans/strategies, etc. They’ve attempted to find solutions to problems and shown maturity in their decision-making and interactions with others, etc. Essentially, they are those who I would trust to take over if I’m not around for a while or for long term, if something happens to me/my account.

    (This is why I sometimes wish there were a rank between member and elder, without special abilities, to just be the “congrats, you’ve been here a while and have been a good member and we want to acknowledge that” badge.)

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    No Right Answer to this Question. It’s really “Your Gut Instinct” when it’s the Right Time.

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    I think co-leader should only be given to members with a specific role/function. For example, the person in charge of recruiting, the member in charge of setting up war strategy/attacks, the person responsible for removing inactives, etc.

    Just being active in donations, wars, and clan games should be rewarded with elder, but I wouldn't give co-leader unless you are giving that person additional duties/responsibilities beyond just playing the game.

    In my opinion, most clans give out co-leader too freely, so I don't expect many to agree with me.

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    Giving co all depends on the clan and it’s stage of devolpment. In my clan, we give co for good donations, attacking in war, good clan games and general friendliness over a couple of months. However, in some clans, that would include basically the entire clan so it all depends.

    IMO, you should start with a number and create criteria from there. For my clan, a good number is 5-10 so we have 5-10 cos and go with it. It is not as much about concrete rules as it is about who you can trust and how many cos you need.

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