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Thread: New nh for level 119 relaxed derby player

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    🔆Recruiting / Rebuilding - we are already a strong champions league.🔆
    Come join us to be part of a no nonsense winning team
    🔆Derby Outlaws Tag #8RQ9JG9Q 🔆
    Read our link to see if we fit what you are looking for
    We are a friendly supportive NH

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    Hi, Im in the search of a few good people to join my neighborhood. What I'm looking for is someone who is laid back, helpful, speaks English, and doesnt mind chatting. Derby isn't mandatory, but if you decide to play choose tasks 300 and above, and make sure to complete all tasks. I'll make you elder the second you join. There's not a lot of rules, just have fun and work hard at the derby (if your opted in). Let's build a strong neighborhood together! Come check it out.
    The Foxhole II #9CVRGQVU ��

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    We are recruiting to expand our friendly experienced team . Please see below

    🌠🐁The Magical Place 🐁 🌠 Friendly happy neighbourhood recruiting **#9YGJPGCQ
    We would like to invite you to join us in the magical place.
    We are a champions league team of experienced players who enjoy playing hay day in a supportive , chatty, drama free neighbourhood .
    Our motto is 'we play to win but have fun doing it '
    We are looking for
    🐤Players at level 40 plus, English speaking who love to derby.
    🐄 If you are derbying then we only do max points 320/400 tasks.If we need task 10 to win , thats what our team do.
    🐖We all have lives away from hay day , so opt out if you need to.
    🐏 Please chat. If it's a quick hi , how are you, or a longer weekend catch up.
    🐐 No freeloaders. We all help each other out, and use the bird house, but it is on a fair 'give and take 'basis.
    🐶 You will be made elder after 1 week.
    🐁🐁If you think you would enjoy joining our team, please come over and look around. We hope to see you soon 🐁🐁

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    Your welcome to join us. We are currently in Professional League We do 320pt tasks for regular derbys and 340+pt tasks for themed derbys. Must be active and chatty. If interested look us up. We'd love to have you on our team.

    Turtle Valley - White pig on a Purple Heart # LOVPORJO

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