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Thread: Should I start a feeder?

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    Question Should I start a feeder?

    I've been debating whether to start a feeder for my lvl 5 clan, Builder-X, for a while. Our goal is an almost completely war clan. The main issue is that we're almost always full, and after filtering so many players, everyone is pretty much active, with solid bases/troops. I want to expand with higher-TH players (TH9+), but although almost everyone is skilled we have a wide spread of TH 6-11.

    Here are the stats:
    • Almost all active, solid players TH 6-11
    • Clan is always full, finding players to kick is difficult
    • Some people in the clan have mini acc(s)
    • We're #1 in CWL, and win 70%+ of wars
    • Clan is very organized, maxes games, disciplined, mostly adults, etc.

    If we were to start a feeder, we'd put all the non-useful minis in. But more questions arise
    • Should we put newly-upgraded THs in? They're active and helpful in our clan, but take up a lot of clan space. I don't want to create a negative atmosphere demoting players to the feeder, as we're a pretty tight-knit clan
    • I've heard from an article on that we should recruit players only from the feeder. I'm currently against this, but would there be a reason to?
    • Would people (not mins) in the feeder just leave due to the stark contrast in activity/leadership/win/troops etc. between the main and the feeder?

    Edit: For those who have read this post, I have reached the point where everyone is extremely(!!!) active.

    Thanks for the feedback in advance!
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    Recruiting only from a feeder helps weed out the players that may cause trouble or miss attacks, but it's a personal preference.

    As for whether or not to create a feeder the main issue is leadership. The main leadership of the main clan shouldn't also be the main leadership of the feeder as that's spreading yourself too thin.

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