Hi there, and happy November!

We have just released an optional update (version 11.49.9) that contains the following changes:

  • Tutorial Medals: if a player manages to only complete the first step of the CWL tutorial, on next log-in the game will automatically complete the rest of the CWL tutorial ensuring the player gets credited with their 50 medals.
  • Remove Halloween loading screen, music and special appearances of obstacles.
  • Fixed a bug on iOS 12 where the inbox News/For You would not finish loading unless the user switched to another tab and reopened
  • iPhone XR improvements
  • Minor tweaks to the shop UI

The update should already be available on GooglePlay and Cafe Bazaar, and it's slowly rolling out to all other app stores so hang in there, it'll be available for everyone soon!

Thank you,

PS: this other League Medals bug is still present and we will only be able to fix it next week once the current CWL season is done and dusted! We apologize for the inconvenience!