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Thread: problem with warleague players

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    problem with warleague players


    I discovered API few days ago : very cool, TY.

    Therefore, I noticed a problem while requesting :

    clan_members and opponent_members are listed with
    "mapPosition", but this mapPosition doesn't match with their real map position.

    Moreover, it seems impossible to know if a clan_member or an opponent_member was on the map or not (so participate to this war or not) ?

    Is there a way to got theses informations : real map position & war participation ? Or will there be an update of the API ?

    Thank's a lot


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    Hi Nitroglice,

    There's no way to get the real map position actually.

    API's doesn't give this information.

    Perhaps to not communicate the real list of player for the next war in clan war league

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    If during the game the villages are hidden it is well probable that the api will not reveal

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    There is nothing hidden in the game itself during war day. If the game can discern which 15 people are in the war then so too can the API. During prep day it can remain empty but during war day it should be accurate. This is a defect they need to fix and it CAN be fixed.

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    I agreee with LightningSt0rm, moreover, responses from the API could differ between incoming, actual, and ended wars.
    There is no way in suggesting which number the players are if the info is false... for developpers only because Supercell get the real info...
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    I want to keep this up top. If you are including map position, it should be correct. If you do not want to include this till war time, then update the list at war time. It is wrong to include wrong information in the API.
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    If they would just add a field to each member to say attacks left the problem would be solved.

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    +1 ... I was looking for retrieving the position on the war map as well. Also who selected in the 15.

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    Just started to try to update my bot to work with the CWL. Couldn't work out how to find which players were actually in the war. Thought I must be missing something, but after finding this thread I see that the API is missing this feature. Kind of crazy.

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    Yes, it's a real pain.

    After nagging SC again about the API in their last Q&A (on reddit), Darian did ask for a summary of the API feedback. This is one of the 2 issues I flagged up as real killer problems in the API for CWL that render it unusable in many cases. Hopefully they'll fix it, but sadly they don't interact on here at all, so we're unlikely to hear about it until/if they do actually change it.
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