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Thread: Supercell rig the Townie tasks

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadFreya View Post
    Have you tried quickly sending the townies away as they arrive (before train has left)? New ones come and you can to a point select the ones you want most or the building needed
    Definitely going to try this by just clicking on them as they step away on the platform -is there a limit to how many townies one can do this with?
    UPDATE: I tried doing this and it’s didn’t provide me with any extra townies, just took the 6 that I sent away as they’d arrived and left me with just 8
    We have noted this week in particular, how the ‘game knows’ and we don’t get the townies or buildings we need. The frequency with high a duplicate mystery task spawns also causes much wailing and gnashing of teeth The game won’t give us the grand masters we need for someone’s task, but it will give us ..... another grand master task LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by MadFreya View Post
    Don't do it with the tab do it on the visitors themselves it's easier
    Oh great advice, I'll try that. Thank you.

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    This usually happens to me everytime, but I have to admit that I got a redhead task (7), only had 2 and went to my baby farm, tren arrived bringing 5 redheads , lucky me, but this is just one after too too too many.
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    To get 42 visitors and not even one of a specific type is extremely low likelyhood - about 1 in 83.

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    I think the algorithm looks at what townies are already in your town. It tries to "balance out" the townies you have. Try it - fill up with all male townies from your neighbors' farms, leaving space for one trainload of your own. Almost guaranteed the train will be full of women. Happens over and over and over to me.

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