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Thread: Will CWL get people to do more clan wars?

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    Will CWL get people to do more clan wars?

    So I'm in a local builder base clan, which is at the top of the ranking. We never did clan wars and I tried to animate them to do so sometimes. I like to play both, bb and main village. But most of the others don't care so much about the main base. I've been in two other clans before and they were also not that much into wars. Many people don't like to war when at least one hero is upgrading or they just enjoy farming and upgrading, I don't know 😺

    Ok, I'm coming to the point: We participated in CWL and got now the second battle, where opponents are so much stronger than we are. The problem is that many in our clan got rushed bases and they struggle a lot and feel frustrated. Overall it feels as if our clan is junk food for others. Some already got bored to even attack, though thee are medals to gain. I'm not rushed, but I understand the frustration not to see the sun in CWL. I ask myself why the match making in CWL and clan wars in general is that unbalanced. Is it wanted like this and Supercell thinks it will people motivate to have a better developed bases or is it an technical issue? However I personally would like if more people have fun playing clan wars. Maybe I have to look for a clan being more into that, though I like my current clan and the buddies in it. 😞
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