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    How many farms /devices are you running

    I may have missed if this question was already asked but I am curious as to how many farms does one have and at what levels ? And do you have any that do the derby and/ or set idle used as backup. I thought I saw at one time someone who had 20 , wow .

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    I have a big farm, a medium farm which is semi retired and in a different hood, does occasional derbies and an itty bitty baby farm I use for checking small farm level issues, mostly dormant

    then I have other supercell games, CoC with 4, but 2 don’t really count and a boom beach acct I started but don’t play anymore

    one device
    Farm 141
    CoC TH12 BhB9 AQ 60 BK 53 GW 26
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    I have five farms now: levels 166; 76; 47; 22 and 11. The highest three are all in the same neighbourhood, where the level 166 is Leader and the others are Elders. The two highest Derby each week, but level 47 opts in and out depending on circumstances.

    Level 22 is Leader in a sole neighbourhood, where it babysits my second neighbourhood; Level 11 is also Leader of a hood with no other active members.

    I use the smaller hoods to experiment and try things out, especially after a new update.

    I mainly use two tablets nowadays, and very occasionally my phone. Before Supercell ID was introduced I used four devices plus my phone. Two were really old, so have now been retired!

    I also use Supercell ID for my (very active) Boom Beach account and for my (dormant) Clash of Clans account.
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    4 here. One device, two devices or all four. Depends on battery and just convenience. Family farms but I tend to them.

    Farm level: 239 Silo 11,750 and always full, no really it is full!
    Start date: 01/09/2013
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    And I thought I was busy, most of the time I don't have time to do all my 3 ,you all make me look like an amateur here , but then I am taking care of real horses. Lol

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    I use 2 devices - 1 is an iPad Pro. It has my main farm and my main CoC’s account on it. The other is an android tablet that has a baby farm and permanent Th6 Clash account on it.

    My level 150 farm often supports my level 49 farm, instead of the other way around. The 150 derbies every week, the 49 only does derby occasionally.
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    I have 2 farms, one CoC account and one Boom Beach account. I was using 3 tablets, but now playing all but baby farm on one device.

    Thank you TerMinus for the awesome sig!

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    Just the one farm for me ha! I am actually thinking about getting a second farm though

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    Two farms (89 and 49) on one device. Thanks, SuperCell ID!
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    Two farms , level 199 and 168. Got 1 ipad mini for each farm

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