With the inability to upgrade heroes during the week of cwl, it's the first day and I'm already seeing a major de problem. I will be full probably tomorrow, between the troop events, 4x star event, and cwl loot, I could go from 0 de to max by the end of the week... u want ppl to get past th9, stop trying to force us to pay real money to do it and still play actively. I am grateful it's gotten easier to get de and heroes upgraded, held me back from th10 for years!! Now heroes almost max but your more worried about making money and giving in to cry babies that cant attack in war. Th10+ is suppose to be hard in war.... js. Sry off-topic a bit, point is I've already wasted probably billions of gold and elixir working on maxing heroes. Now u want me to waste de and time?? Going to th10 just keeps getting to be a dumber and dumber idea, might be time to quit again. P.s, thought the valk/hog event gave away builder boosters which would have done the trick but army boosters??? Why?? Can understand one maybe cuz of all the stuff happening all at once! Spread stuff out, cant make money if u drive everyone to quit.