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Thread: Level 11 American War Clan! Recruiting TH6+

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    Level 11 American War Clan! Recruiting TH8+


    Who are we?

    1. Spartans #2GQ22R0Q
    2. Level 11 American based and serious war clan
    3. Adults(16+) with some exceptions for the mature kids

    Clan Requirements:

    1. TH8+
    2. No rushed bases
    3. No ridiculously engineered bases.
    4. Must be able to cover your weight if you want to war(i.e. if youíre TH9 and you decide to build both of your bows you wonít war till we see that you will beat a 9 with bows more often than not).
    5. Be respectful and be active.

    How to earn promotions?

    1. Be active and perform well in the wars.
    2. It wonít be a quick promotion, it needs to be earned.

    Have a mini?

    1. You may bring your mini(s) so long as we have room.

    Clan Wars:

    1. We send a Clan Mail during each prep phase for cc filling assignments for the TH10+.
    2. We work our way from bottom to top in wars, only taking bases you feel you can 3 star. If you must hit early or late just let a Co know and itíll be all good.
    3. Request for offensive War troops in all CAPS so we know it must be maxed troops only.
    4. We only shoot for 3 stars!! Hit lower if you must but NO 2 star strategies. We play to win

    Clan Games:

    1. We send a Clan Mail during each clan games for the minimum points we want to see out of each player.
    2. If you have multiple accounts, you can add your totals together.

    Clan War Leagues:

    1. We call targets within the first hour (No Attacking during this time) which allows our leaders to evaluate and tell people if they need to hit farther back or forward.
    2. After the first hour strikes, itís game on!!
    3. Respect tagged targets.

    Hope to see you soon!
    - Fort Winter
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